The children sing French songs to listen to

Oct On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at – This is a fun Yorkshire song about the dangers of not wearing a hat: “You’ll catch your the children sing French songs to listen to of cold, we shall have to bury thee, the worms will come and eat thee up, the ducks will come and eat the worms, then we’ll eat the ducks, and we’ll have eaten thee. This version shows that Billy Boy and Lord Randall come from the same traditional song. Some later versions are bawdier, so screen lyrics. Mitch Miller’s version uses more modern wording that omits any reference to race.

Other renditions may use older lyrics that contain racially tinged language. Note: It would be good to teach this song in the context of African Slavery, so as not to demean the history of African Americans. Please check that the version of the song you choose does not contain racist language. Aussie kids sing many parodies of this song.

This page has some fun ones, but some are crude. Michael Card’s “Star Kindlers” album utilizes very old Celtic tunes. Music lessons focused on participation provided by an AO mom with a music teaching background: Children of the Open Air. Included are Solfa lessons for musical literacy and basic singing lessons. You may find something that works better for your family.