The development of children in city Moscow

PDT has a number the development of children in city Moscow unique tour offerings! SPECIAL TOUR TO THE GREAT KREMLIN PALACE! Please, enjoy the unique chance to go to the Great Kremlin Palace without a long-term pre-booking! Special rates for the groups of up to 5 people!

Even if you have seen a lot in Moscow, we can guarantee you new experiences! The capital of medieval Russia from the twelfth century, the Communist symbol of the Soviet state, the centre of the New Russia, Moscow is the very essence of its country. IMoscow is definitely a sight in the evening, when everything is lit up by the lights from Moskva River, the main Tverskaya avenue, as well as the city’s buildings and monuments. Red Square and GUM department store is the very center of Moscow and indeed, of Russia.

Explore the life of the Moscow Jewish Community during Soviet times and the present. You will visit two synagogues and places associated with prominent Jewish intellectuals, such as the poet Mandelstam, the actor Michoels and the architect Joffan. Sergius Lavra, with a blue and gold dome. It is often difficult to organize things in Moscow, especially at such short notice. It was a real pleasure dealing with you. Everything was superbly organized and all efforts were obviously made to increase our enjoyment. You have never disappointed us and we all appreciate your work we look forward to dealing with you again and again and again!

Unique group tours, led in each case by an expert in the field. Booking of airline, hotel and car reservations in Russia. English language classes at all levels. Interpreting and organizational support for business negotiations.

The first company which organizes tours to explore Moscow sights and its Underground on regular daily and weekly basis. Regardless of the weather, we are always at your service! We would like to invite all our clients to support our action and Help kids! If you are able to donate some small items such as a toy, clothing, shoes or kitchen utensils? If you leave it at our office, we will send it to an orphanage, soup kitchen, school or hospital. We appreciate the assistance of the International Women’s Club: the charity committee of IWC kindly agreed to assist us in this effort. As the capital of medieval Russia, the Communist symbol of the Soviet state, the centre of the New Russia, Moscow is the very essence of its country.

Its size raises just one question – how elastic is the material Moscow is made of, i. The city was designed in concentric circles around the ancient Kremlin, with streets and boulevards stretching from the center. Private tours are there to let you see everything you want any time you need. Whatever and whenever you would like to explore, our knowledgeable guides will be happy to assist you. Let us know what you would like to see by calling or writing to us.

Special tours to the Great Kremlin palace! Regardless of how many times you visited the Great Kremlin Palace, you are guaranteed to find something new. The place where the historic decisions were taken could be opened today exclusively for you. Our company can make the tour arrangements easier and faster!

The Palace is not a public museum but is now the official residence of the President of Russia. It was also formerly the only residence of the Romanov family in Moscow. The small city in the center of Moscow, once the residence of Czars and Patriarchs, contains Russia’s main cathedrals, Assumption Cathedral, Archangel’s Cathedral and Resurrection Cathedral. The palace was begun in 1640 and it incorporates the Church of the Twelve Apostles, which was the private place of worship for the patriarchs. It is a charming place, rich in the spirit of the past, hidden behind a wall in the twentieth century inner city.

The sculptured gravestones of famous Russian artists, writers, and politicians illustrate the country’s history. The Moscow Metro is the city attraction, an art gallery, a bomb shelter and of course the easiest and most reliable way to get around the city in most directions, even far from the downtown. Radial lines are joined together by a brown circular line. Each line has its own name, colour and number on the metro map. Moscow date back in the times of the Russian Empire, but they were postponed due to the World War I, the Revolution and the Russian Civil War. It was not until 1930s when the first section of Moscow Metro was opened.