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Government Won the Arms Race to Control Man. The development of children of early age Pechora K l Documentary With Quotes By Leading Scientists, Professionals And Several Independent Sources. Some chapters are long, over 20 pages and include the original material because of their importance and for documentation.

The main points of this book are highlighted and arranged with headings so that it may be skimmed. This book is a description of the history and known facts of electromagnetic and neurological technology, within the framework of classified nonconsensual government experimentation. It is presented as a list of footnotes with brief commentary. Email from Physician For Human Rights on cancellation of a human rights statistics project for mind control victims citing “fear for my family”. Foreign Affairs article by the editor Dr. Stefan Possony on Soviet-US mind control technology.

A good summary of the “big picture. Jonathan Tennenbaum describes development of Soviet electromagnetic weapons and the physics and biology behind the weapons. He gives clear, concise explanations which can be verified with the current level of scientific knowledge. There are also excerpts from several articles.