The development of the Tanner boys

964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 the development of the Tanner boys 8c2. Dennis Tanner was the former black sheep of the Tanner family who returned to his old home of Coronation Street in 2011 after an absence of 43 years and became Rita Sullivan’s third husband.

An ex-borstal boy, Dennis pursued a legitimate career as a talent scout for Lenny Phillips and spent a few years working in clubs. His camp, charming manner made him a natural entertainer, but his hare-brained schemes never went to plan and after a few years he quit the business. After some lean years, including a spell of homelessness in late 2010, Dennis found himself back in Weatherfield. Within months of his return, he entered into a romantic relationship with old flame Rita Sullivan, who married him in 2012.

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There were always men in the house though, as Elsie frequently had boyfriends over. When he was eleven, Dennis defended Linda from Chuck Nelson from Victoria Street when he tried to rape Linda while Elsie was out. Growing up without a father figure, Dennis was prone to misbehaviour. At nine, he managed to etch “Dennis Tanner 1951” into No. When he was a teenager, he and some other boys raided an office safe in Rosamund Street. Dennis hid the money in the coal hole back home but the police found it after calling on all the known young offenders and Dennis spent the next year in a borstal.

Dennis tried to go legit but he kept poor company and was easily led. In 1960, he and Jed Stone were caught breaking into Biddulph’s newsagent. To Elsie’s shame, Dennis was sent to prison for six months. He briefly dated one of the club’s acts, Joyce Bond, but when he took her home Elsie was unwelcoming.

He hoped that an agency would recognise his talent and sign him up, but when well-known agent Lenny Phillips asked to see him, he was advised by Lenny to abandon his singing career as he wasn’t very good, and work for him as a talent scout. In 1963, Dennis returned and moved back in with Elsie. True to form, he immediately caused trouble by opening the door to bailiffs, unaware of the lengths Elsie had gone to keep them out. Still working for Lenny Phillips, Dennis kept his eye out for new talent. He was ecstatic when he met window cleaner Walter Potts, who turned out to be a talented singer.

Walter agreed to hire Dennis to find him gigs. To the residents’ surprise, Dennis went back to square one when he got a new job in the loading bay at Amalgamated Steel. It was a physical job he wasn’t suited to and he didn’t get along with his workmates. Without a care, he took the blame for damaged stock so he would be sacked. Next up was a job at the Viaduct Sporting Club, which he had to thank Elsie for as she was dating its manager Laurie Frazer. Surprisingly, he packed it in after only a few months to study hairdressing. The course was unpaid but Elsie approved of it and wanted to encourage him, and so she secretly took a job posing for art students in order to fund Dennis while he wasn’t earning.