The education of children and youth

Services for children with special the education of children and youth needs and disabilities. In January 2018, changes were made to the law regarding immigration bail.

Rights without remedies: legal aid and access to justice for children draws on evidence from CCLC’s legal advice services. LASPO’s changes were broad, and fundamentally altered the UK’s justice system. As such, the government committed to review the Act within five years of its implementation. Now that this review is underway, we urge the government to examine in particular the impact on children’s rights of the legal aid changes, and to take steps to address this impact through implementing the recommendations in this report. No child should be left without access to justice. Education Leads Home There are more than 1. Find out what we are doing to help them graduate by 2030.

When Youth Feel Unsafe: Brief Insights on the Cognitive and Academic Effects of Exposure to Violence The prevailing research indicates that exposure to violence in the local environment, whether direct or indirect, has harmful effects on young people. Find out from our Grantees, one whose work has helped add over 16,000 graduates to their community. Learn more about this new funding opportunity. Grad Rate Reaches New High, But The Gaps Remain The national graduation rate has reached 84.

Save the Date: Promise Night 2018 Join us for an evening of dinner and entertainment as we celebrate carings adults and extraordinary individuals who have made a difference in the lives of America’s youth. Barriers to Success How does adversity affect the lives of young people? Caring Adults Caring adults are the centerpieces of children’s development. They serve as guides, caretakers and advisers, who give positive and productive guidance throughout their development. Safe Places To develop intellectually and emotionally, young people need physical and psychological safety at home, at school and in the community. A Healthy Start Healthy and well-nourished children are more able to develop their minds and bodies as they should, and they are far more capable of concentrating, learning and thriving throughout their school years.