The education of children in kindergarten

This is an all-out frontal assault on the health and innocence of the world’s children from some of the most powerful and well-funded institutions. UNESCO’s ulterior motive in teaching the birds and the bees quickly becomes clear. All people should be able to love who they want. Pre-adolescents will be the education of children in kindergarten that masturbation is fine and not a self-centered misuse of sexuality.

Twelve-year-olds will learn how to use condoms and other contraceptives, with teachers emphasizing that artificial birth control wisely reduces disease transmission and pregnancy. Boys and girls just entering junior high will be taught non-penetrative sexual behaviors, so they can experience sexual pleasure without getting an STD or becoming pregnant. Christians and other value-respecting people are crying foul. Studies and research disproving gay agenda myths are completely absent.

Teachers are directed to present traditional morality as old-fashioned. The wisdom of parents and moral authority figures is openly spurned. Indisputable medical evidence proving that sodomy is extremely harmful — and the leading cause of AIDS deaths in the world — is ignored. Acknowledgement of the devastating physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual damage from acts of sodomy is treason. Dissenting facts are not allowed so much as a mention. But statistics from the Planned Parenthood-supported Guttmacher Institute are mentioned nearly 20 times but never challenged.