The education of children, Kirov

For other places with the same name, see Kirov. Kirov Oblast, Russia, located on the Vyatka River. Khlynov was first mentioned in 1374. It was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Moscow in the education of children, Kirov and became known throughout Russia for its clay statuettes and whistles.

In 1780, Catherine the Great renamed the town Vyatka and made it the seat of Vyatka Governorate. Kirov is the administrative center of the oblast. It is served by Kirov Pobedilovo airport. During the 1990s this airport was closed and for several years provided only irregular service. The Kirov River port went bankrupt in the late 1990s and all its river boats were sold to other regions. Kirov Regional Art Museum in honor V. Vyatka Museum of Art, one of the oldest museums in Russia, was founded in 1910 by local artists.

The idea of creation belongs to natives of Vyatka land, brothers artists Viktor Vasnetsov and Apollinary Vasnetsov. At the core of the collection — works that received the most part in the 1910-1920s from the State Museum Fund, private collections and as gifts — from patrons and artists. According to a report in Pravda dated January 4, 2005, Kirov is known as the “city of twins” for the unusually high number of multiple births there. According to a report, the city is home to a high concentration of red-haired individuals. Rodina plays in the highest division of Russian Bandy League. Their home arena has a capacity of 7500.

It was the venue of the national final in 2013. Kirov is the home of Vyatka University, Vyatka University for the Humanities, Vyatka Agricultural Academy and Kirov State Medical Academy. Article 4 of the Charter of Kirov states that the city will have an anthem once one is officially adopted. As of 2016, an anthem is not listed among the symbols of the city shown on the official website of Kirov. Official website of the city of Kirov. The value of density was calculated automatically by dividing the 2010 Census population by the area specified in the infobox. Please note that this value may not be accurate as the area specified in the infobox does not necessarily correspond to the area of the entity proper or is reported for the same year as the population.

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