The education of children on the Doman method

Not to be confused with Brain Balance. Brain Gym International is the trade name of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, a The education of children on the Doman method nonprofit organization that promotes a series of exercises called “Brain Gym” that the company claims improve academic performance. The underlying ideas are pseudoscience, and as of 2014 there was no good evidence that the exercises are effective in improving learning.

Brain Gym International” is the trade name of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, a California nonprofit corporation that was incorporated in 1987 and that received its IRS ruling as a nonprofit in 1992. In 2005 the company claimed to be selling its programs in 80 countries and by 2007 it had been widely covered in the press. The Brain Gym program calls for children to repeat certain simple movements such as crawling, yawning, making symbols in the air, and drinking water which are claimed to increase blood flow to the brain, “integrate” the brain, and “repattern” the brain. The claims of the organization for the effectiveness of its methods in improving educational outcomes were not supported by evidence as of 2014, and although the organization says the methods are grounded in good neuroscience, the underlying ideas are pseudoscience.

Another idea is that of “brain buttons” – spots on the neck that if touched in certain ways, can stimulate the flow of blood to the brain. In 2009, after inquiries from the House of Commons, the UK Department for Children, Schools and Families said that it had no policy on Brain Gym, and said that it was aware of substantial criticism, and was not aware of substantial research supporting Brain Gym’s effectiveness. As of 2014, publications presenting research finding that the methods are effective in improving learning had not appeared in high quality journals, and the papers that had been published were widely condemned for methodological flaws and small sample sizes that made generalization not possible. Results Detail: C1397468: Educational Kinesiology Foundation”. BRAIN GYM Trademark of Educational Kinesiology Foundation – Registration Number 2003128 – Serial Number 75007413 :: Justia Trademarks”.

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