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You can change the location at any time. Her mother, Elsa Prince-Broekhuizen, owns a home a few doors down. As our family is continuing to grow, our hope is that it will be a gathering place for many generations,” she said. Their three-story vacation home sets a new standard for size and grandeur among the other million-dollar-plus mansions that line Lake Macatawa, a popular spot with access to Lake Michigan. The stone and shingle house has 22,000 square feet of space. But if that’s not enough room, there’s a 6,200-square-foot guest house, plus a large infinity pool with a 700-square-foot pool house and three garages, according to city records.

For more than 25 years, the 12,000-square-foot home — with an 1,100-square-foot guest house — was the biggest house in Holland. So how much is Holland’s biggest home worth? Although some have complained the house dwarfs the other mansions along the Holland waterfront, Crossman said the property won’t hurt housing values in this tony neighborhood. Construction was handled by Scott Christopher Homes, a Grand Rapids firm known for its high-end residential construction. But the house isn’t exactly as envisioned.