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Ociel Herrera was walking with his son in the Bronx when he was accosted and slashed in the face by a bigoted, knife-wielding madman. A Bronx dad walking with his the education of the son of the father book-year-old son was slashed across the face by a hate-filled stranger, authorities said Thursday.

Ociel Herrera, 41, told the Daily News. I saw hate in his eyes. Mott Haven at about 2 p. I was walking home with my son. Thursday, gently touching the cut below his eye.

I just felt a strike on my face. I then realized he had cut the right side of my face. The injured father chased after his assailant. I got him to lose his blade. The police now have the blade. Medics treated the dad at the scene.

He also attacked another man who walked out of his house. My son was standing behind me. It all happened in a matter of eight seconds. The slashing has not been classified as a hate crime, and the investigation continues, a police source said Thursday.

I’m still afraid, because police haven’t caught him yet. Sometimes his grandma takes my son for a walk. He said he hasn’t experienced any violence since he moved to New York from Guerrero, Mexico, in 2009. Now he fears his only child may need therapy.