The history of the development of the child form

The history of the development of the child form Child Support Agencies ever work? The territories concerned Given the dates, it is tricky to present a linear history.

Scotland has continued with a different style of family law even since it became part of the Kingdom of Great Britain. Northern Ireland also retains some distinct features. Pre-1542 England conquered Ireland in the 12th Century. 1542 England and Wales formally united in the Acts of Union of 1536 and 1542. Wales formally united in the Act of Union of 1707, under central government covering all of Great Britain. 1801 Great Britain and Ireland formally united under central government in the 1800 Act of Union.

1921 Most of Ireland became independent, leaving the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Post-1997 Some powers have been devolved to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Child support primary legislation is not devolved. It does not attempt to list all relevent laws and revocations of laws. It attempts to illustrate how we got to where we are, in stages that have their basis in the past.