The influence of style of family education on children”s self esteem

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Sarah was not the first member of her family who had found their way into my counselling room as I had been seeing Sarah’s parents for almost six months. Sarah’s mother had initiated counselling for herself and her husband, as she suspected that her husband was on the Autistic Spectrum but had not realised she was also affected. During one of my sessions with Sarah’s parents I raised the issue of their only daughter and asked if they would describe her to me. Her father felt she did not put enough effort into what she did and could have done better in her GSCE’s. He also said that she played her music too loud and made a mess everywhere. He went on to describe how she would walk around eating a piece of toast or cracker bread without using a plate, dropping crumbs on the floor.

As I listened to Sarah’s parent’s describe their daughter, I realised they had not told me anything about who she was, only about what she did that they found frustrating. How do you think your Autism had affected Sarah? This question was met with total silence. Sarah’s mother was the first to reply by asking what I meant. Sarah’s parents struggled to understand this concept and it was becoming clear that they did not truly comprehend their daughter’s world or what it consisted of. They asked if I thought it would be useful to see their daughter.