The laws of child development

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This part shall be known and may be cited as the “Adoption Act. An individual proposed to be adopted. Any incorporated or unincorporated organization, society, institution or other entity, public or voluntary, which may receive or provide for the care of children, supervised by the Department of Public Welfare and providing adoption services in accordance with standards established by the department. The clerk of the division of the court of common pleas having jurisdiction over voluntary relinquishment, involuntary termination and adoption proceedings. Any person or persons or agency acting between the parent or parents and the proposed adoptive parent or parents in arranging an adoption placement. Medical records and other information concerning an adoptee or an adoptee’s natural family which is relevant to the adoptee’s present or future health care or medical treatment.

The court of common pleas of each county shall exercise through the appropriate division original jurisdiction over voluntary relinquishment, involuntary termination and adoption proceedings. In which is located an office of an agency having custody of the adoptee or in the county where the agency having placed the adoptee is located. With leave of court, in which the adoptee formerly resided. Any individual may be adopted, regardless of his age or residence.

Any individual may become an adopting parent. The court shall appoint counsel to represent the child in an involuntary termination proceeding when the proceeding is being contested by one or both of the parents. The court may appoint counsel or a guardian ad litem to represent any child who has not reached the age of 18 years and is subject to any other proceeding under this part whenever it is in the best interests of the child. No attorney or law firm shall represent both the child and the adopting parent or parents. The court shall appoint counsel for a parent whose rights are subject to termination in an involuntary termination proceeding if, upon petition of the parent, the court determines that the parent is unable to pay for counsel or if payment would result in substantial financial hardship. Relinquishment to adult intending to adopt child.