The methodology of the leadership experiences of children

You may also sort these by color rating or essay length. The methodology of the leadership experiences of children believe that leadership is not something that you are born with, but that has to be learned over time. You learn to become a leader from watching other leaders, and also from personal experience. They should not become leaders for the title and power that may come with leadership.

Being a leader does not mean you get to boss people around by telling them what to do. Leadership is all about having the right amount of heart and determination to help make a difference in someone’s life. It takes certain qualities to be considered a good leader. A leader should want to help inspire others to make a change and to be the best that they can be. A true leader does not need to feel powerful, instead they empower those around them. Throughout my life I have come across various leaders who have made an impact on my life. Leaders do not just appear out of thin air and automatically start making great things happen in the world.

A leader must learn from prior leaders or role models that they are surrounded by that they look up to. Not everyone can be a leader, only some people have the correct characteristics it takes to lead others in the right direction. Those who do great things, for example volunteering at a homeless shelter, are not leaders. Developing a Leadership Philosophy It is very telling that one of our last activities focuses on reflection and communication.

It is telling because these are the two characteristics emphasized throughout each of my leadership classes. Reflection deals with a leader’s ability to internalize learning. Communication incorporates a leader’s ability to develop relationships and influence them effectively. Leaders come forth depending on the kind of situation, in which they are need. In developing this idea of what leadership is, I examined what was most important to me in being a leader. Since leadership is such a broad term, this could not be a process whereby I could generalize leadership for everyone.

Rather, the task is to determine who I am as a leader. I asked myself, what is it that shapes the vision. According to Webster’s Dictionary, leadership is the power or ability to lead other people, the act or instance of leading. I believe that Leadership is an art, the art to get others to follow and accomplish a common goal or task in a harmonic manner. A leader can be shown in all kinds of shapes and forms. To be a great leader many people believe it consists of modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, enabling others to act, and encouraging the heart. The qualities that make a good leader are as varied as the people that fill leadership roles.