The motor skills of young children

Some nurseries have prioritised ICT as a result and ploughed resources into improving their facilities. It makes children comfortable and familiar with the technology and that is extremely useful when they start school. I think what children really need up to the age of seven is real life in real space and real time, which the motor skills of young children three-dimensional experiences.

We already have problems with children not being able to hold a pen or pencil. But we are giving our kids instant gratification all the time with ICT and it makes it harder for them to persevere with something that takes a while to learn. There is a real fear that too much engagement with this quick-fix technology is making it more difficult for some children to learn how to read and write. Pads are the big thing at the moment and yet nobody seems to have done much research into them.

We know art, music and drama works so why bother with something we don’t know enough about yet? If our children are in fact the most sedentary generation ever, according to the medical authorities, and already spend more time watching television than they do in school, do we really need to add computers and other screen-based devices to the nursery environment? A survey of 806 parents and early years staff carried out by website daynurseries. 26 per cent believed that being exposed to technology actually benefits children in nurseries. Children are increasingly exposed to an overwhelming amount of technology at an early age. This poll shows that the majority of people clearly want to see early education and childhood play protected from this technological creep.

I think what children really need up to the age of seven is real life in real space and real time, which means three dimensional experiences. The comments below have not been moderated. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Doesn’t take after her dad then!

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