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This site is frequently updated with new training materials and information, so we encourage you to come back often. 2018 Child Welfare In-Service Training The 2018 In-Service Courses are now available for registration. 2017 Child Welfare In-Service Training The 2017 In-Service Courses are now available for registration. Sunday, November 01, 2015 The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is hosting a one day conference, free of charge, for both public and private agency child welfare staff. This conference will feature both keynote presentations as well as breakout sessions specifically related to child safety at all stages of intervention. E-license – Renew Health Professional License Online!

What Is It Like To Be a Parent of a Child With Asperger’s? The best answer to any question. This question originally appeared on Quora. What if you get in a car crash and never come home again? I knew as soon as I got in the car that he would come running out into the garage with that look of terror on his face and ask me the same obsessive question again.

From the age of 3, every night at bedtime he was convinced that the sun would not rise in the morning. His fears of abandonment were heart breaking. How do you make a promise to a child that you are not sure you can keep? We always knew he was different from other children, but it wasn’t until his school performance was adversely affected that we sought professional help in determining the best course of action. This is the story of a boy who was on a destructive path to nowhere. With schoolwork undone, friendships nonexistent, and prospects for the future dwindling year by year, something had to be done.