The physical activities and training for children in mathematics

This is the first book by Les Staves of Very Special Maths. It complements the training courses and provides a readily accessible reference work for the main elements of Very Special Maths consultancy areas. The book was published by David The physical activities and training for children in mathematics Press has been very well received — both by the critics and the teaching profession. The first print run sold out in seven months.

The Times Educational Supplement carried a review of this book. Of all the curriculum subjects, mathematics can sometimes cause the most concern for teachers of children with severe and profound learning difficulties. The book also covers a wide range of approaches to teaching and learning and demonstrates how mathematics can be related to personal and social development, communication and thinking skills. Written with the non-specialist in mind and including plenty of practical examples, it should be useful for teachers in mainstream and special schools, as well as learning support assistants. Early years practitioners and teachers in training may find the book useful for its descriptions of how children acquire their foundation of early mathematics and numeracy skills. This guide has been developed and written by Les for EQUALS.

It is the most comprehensive document about teaching mathematics to very special pupils yet produced. It advocates holistic mathematics teaching through experiential learning, making use of mixed ability teaching in social groups as much as possible. Special Schools and other settings that provide for pupils with special needs vary so much in their population, both in the nature of pupils needs and their ages, that it is not feasible to provide planning material or set out one scheme of work to suit all – however there is material in this guide that will help schools develop schemes to match their own circumstances. The guide includes five sections four of which are printed as booklets.