The program of civil and Patriotic education of children

By cheating and coercion it has been forced to revert to capitalism. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation has been waging an uncompromising struggle against the restoration of capitalism, the destruction of the Union of SSR and of Soviet power. The CPRF is the only political organization that consistently upholds the rights of working people the program of civil and Patriotic education of children the interests of the nation state.

The strategic goal of the Party is to build in Russia of renewed socialism, socialism of the 21st century. In determining its programmatic goals and tasks, the strategy and tactics our Party proceeds from the analysis of social and political practice , from the Marxist-Leninist doctrine which it is developing creatively, and from the achievements of domestic and world science and culture. Russian Communists believe that the fundamental argument between capitalism and socialism which was the feature of the 20th century has not been resolved. In spite of temporary retreats of the revolutionary movement the present-day epoch is one of transition from capitalism to socialism.

Capitalism, which today prevails on most of the globe, is a society where material and spiritual production is governed by the market laws of deriving maximum profits and accumulation of capital. Everything turns into a commodity, money being the main criterion in the relationships among people. The Leninist teaching about imperialism as the highest and final stage of capitalism is being vindicated. The process of concentration of capital in the early 20th century created huge monopoly alliances. Bank and industrial capitals have merged.