The steps for preparing the child for school

In just a few months, your the steps for preparing the child for school will be off to school! Ensure a seamless transition with our parent-tested resources.

Use these strategies to ease the transition for both of you. Clothe your kindergartner for comfort and independence. See what skills your child should have at the beginning — and by the end — of the school year. The classroom isn’t the only new experience — so is the journey from home to school. Try these tips to ease into the new routine.

Give your kids the confidence they need to put their best feet forward. Learn three ways to help your child adjust to kindergarten. Get the facts to make a good decision, from readiness to redshirting. Be ready for these important changes, whether your child has been in preschool, day care, or at home. Starting school is a big year in all facets — academic, social, physical, and emotional. See how to evaluate a program — and how to advocate for your child if his classroom doesn’t measure up.

Give your early reader a boost with three crucial steps. Your 3- to 5-year-old son will get a kick out of these fun-filled stories. These long-time favorites, new hits, and kid-approved titles are great picks for readers and parents looking for suggestions. Uncover the world of words with these spectacular ABC books. Use these alphabet books to help your child discover the foundation of language.

Get your beginner off to a good start with these popular series. Whether you want to encourage your beginning reader to dream, help him work things out, or teach him about the world, these series are perfect. With rhythm, rhyme, and picture clues, this book is written to support the newest of readers. Bridge the gap between preschool and kindergarten with these tips borrowed from teachers. For exuberant 5-year-olds, school is all about playing, learning to sit still, and getting along.