The technique ladder for children

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Continue reading at your own risk. Sword Emperor and second-in-command of the elite Varia assassination squad. Xanxus, and he refuses to cut it until Xanxus replaces Tsunayoshi Sawada as the 10th Vongola boss. When he was younger, before Xanxus’ imprisonment, his hair was spiky at the back and kept short. Squalo is often seen wearing his Varia uniform, which he customizes like the other members. He tends to style his uniform like a trench-coat. He has also occasionally been shown wearing black earmuffs in cold weather.

During the battles he fought to secure his title of Second Sword Emperor, he wore a long-sleeved, dark blue top with a white, furry collar and long, matching pants. Squalo’s left stump aches whenever Xanxus is in mortal danger. This occurs because of the connection between the promise he made and his resolve to follow Xanxus. Squalo has a loud personality and tends to shout “Voi! Like Xanxus, he tends to be violent and loses his temper easily. According to his childhood friend and former schoolmate Dino, even as a teenager Squalo was intimidating and like a shark that has smelled blood.

Nonetheless, he still manages to be one of the most level-headed Varia members and as the second-in-command, he often keeps the others in line. He demonstrates a strong sense of honour and loyalty, refusing to accept help from Yamamoto during the Rain Ring Battle because he did not want his pride as a swordsman to be “tainted”, and keeping his promise to follow Xanxus even after finding out the truth about Xanxus’s heritage during their coup to overthrow the Ninth. Not much is known about Squalo’s past. He was a child prodigy in most sword arts, including fencing. He and Dino attended the same school, a school for children of the mafia, when they were younger.

Around this time, he met Xanxus at a Mafia event and was impressed by the latter’s rage. From a young age, he was determined to get stronger and make others submit to him. To achieve this goal, he traveled extensively and defeated various swordsmen. At the age of fourteen, Squalo fought and defeated the first Sword Emperor and first Varia boss, Tyr. In doing so, he became the second Sword Emperor and was expected to become the next Varia boss, but instead handed the position to Xanxus.

Squalo first arrives in Namimori after battling Basil all the way to where Tsuna and his Family are dining downtown. He, at that time, does not recognize Tsuna as the 10th Vongola Boss. Dying Will Tsuna steps up to square off with Squalo, but he easily catches his opponent’s punches while simultaneously realizing who Tsuna truly is. Squalo dexterously holds and beats Tsuna before he can land the finishing blow. Soon thereafter, Dino, the current Boss of the Chiavarone Famiglia, steps in to confront Squalo, questioning him on his behavior in fighting against children. Squalo delivers the Rings to Xanxus, the Boss of the Varia, as was his task, but Xanxus recognizes them as Fakes sooner than Reborn and the others expected.

He appears in most of the Ring Battles as a spectator, as well as a commenter on the Varia’s side. Later, Squalo fights Yamamoto in the Rain Ring Battle. Flan participating in their Raid in Italy. Squalo decides to come for Choice and hides in the base Shoichi constructed, as such becoming the second known stowaway. It seems that Yamamoto harbors no ill will towards him. In a flashback, Squalo is shown trying to persuade Yamamoto to devote himself completely to the sword, because he cannot reach his full potential as a swordsman if it’s not his only passion.