The technique of painting with gouache for children

Kandinsky’s most recognizable work, is not actually a full-fledged picture. This drawing is a small study on how different colour combinations are perceived that the painter used in his creative process as a the technique of painting with gouache for children material.

For Kandinsky, colour meant more than just a visual component of a picture. In his books, he described his own perspective on how colours interacted with each other and with the spectator in detail and very poetically. Moreover, Kandinsky was a synaesthete, i. His work is absolutely mind boggling to me. How about those of us with a great knowledge of art who realize that a child COULD have done this? It is not a complete work. It is not a great composition, and was likely done on the fly.

A sketch or doodle playing with colour. It is a simple study, done for himself. You or I or a child or anyone CAN do this exact same thing, and it will be just as valid and meaningful. You may love the work, and you may instill your own meanings connected to it, but that doesn’t make anyone else ignorant, or mean that their opinion is less valid. If it is that to you?