The technique of painting with sticks for kids

I have basically spent the summer making a list in my head of all the fun outdoor activities for kids I can think of. Well, what is the point of an In-My-Head list? The technique of painting with sticks for kids here it is, the Very Ultimate, the Mostly Free, the Really Fun List of Outdoor Activities for Kids.

Actually you probably won’t because you’ll never look at a screen again as you’ll be having too much fun outdoors with the kids. Whilst writing my book, 30 Days of Rewilding, I researched just how happy and healthy the outdoors can make us. For children in particular, I feel that the Great Outdoors is BIG enough for them! It can hold their rambunctiousness, their loudness and their energy. The wilderness is enough for our children’s wild side. So here we go, 80 fun outdoor activities for kids!

Fun Outdoor Activities for kids in the garden The ideal place for dabbling your feet in the Great Outdoors is obviously your garden! I believe gardeners are up there with oil-rig climbing activists in terms of protecting the planet. Getting children involved in gardening activities is the first step in nurturing nature lovers, I reckon. Collect pine cones, spread lard on the segments and cover with seeds. Little fingers are great at weeding.

Show them the easily identifiable weeds to pull. Get a seed catalogue and let your children chose the flowers they want to grow. Little hands are great at digging. Get the children to plant the holes for the flowers they want to plant. Plant a small herb garden with your child, let them know it is theirs to care for. Let your children pinch out the new shoots on the tomato plants.

Dig up a little corner of your garden till you get to the kind of clay-like dirt. Our challenge isn’t so much to teach children about the natural world, but to find ways to nurture and sustain the instinctive connections they already carry. Cool in the summer, covered in the rain, forests are the ideal environment for outdoor activities. There is a traditional technique where you perch one big long stick in the V of a tree to make a sloping spine for the roof. You then lean long sticks against it.