The technique of watercolor painting for baby

About: I’m the technique of watercolor painting for baby as Glindabunny elsewhere on the web. Everyone is born with unique challenges and talents. Find yours and share with others. I saw lots of instructables for using stencils on shirts.

Those are great, but some of us have short attention spans and prefer the instant gratification of seeing the color on the shirt quickly. Some designs aren’t suitable for stencils. Don’t tell me you can’t draw or paint freehand. I’m not inclined to believe you. If you don’t like how your first shirt turns out, keep practicing. The thrift store around here sells plain t-shirts for a dollar each.

Textile medium costs a dollar at my craft store. 50 per tube, but they could paint hundreds of t-shirts. Hopefully at least one of these techniques appeals to some of you and you’re inclined to try ┬áliberating yourself from the stencil. If your t-shirt is new, it’s a good idea to wash it. Sometimes new shirts have a substance on them called sizing that hinders paint absorption.

Cut out your cardboard to fit the inside of your shirt. I used some old pizza boxes for mine. Cover the cardboard with waxed paper and tape the waxed paper in place. Arrange your paint, cup of water, brushes, palette, and textile medium so they’re easy to reach. My bottle of textile medium says to mix 2 parts medium with 1 part acrylic paint. The textile medium makes the acrylic paint more flexible so it doesn’t stiffen the fabric.