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Infectious diseases kill more people worldwide than any other single cause. That’s one of the main reasons I focus on vaccines. They really have the potential for improving lives the technique Zaitseva for children 1 3 saving lives.

They investigate how the immune system remembers infections and vaccines. By remembering infections and vaccines, the body is protected from becoming infected in the future. Most vaccines work because they generate antibodies. T cells, which are disease-fighting white blood cells that tell other cells to produce antibodies in response to infections.

Crotty’s team set out to understand the inner workings of the Tfh pathway. We discovered that the BCL6 gene was like an on and off switch, or master regulator, in this process. The field of Tfh cell biology has grown rapidly since the seminal publications in 2009, and work from many labs has shown that Tfh cells are important regulators of autoimmune diseases and allergies, in addition to their critical roles in immunity to viruses and bacteria. Crotty has a major focus studying human immune responses to vaccines. His lab is hard at work on candidate HIV vaccines with the CHAVI-ID consortium. Do memory CD4 T cells keep their cell-type programming: plasticity versus fate commitment? Wang H, Geng J, Wen X, Bi E, Kossenkov AV, Wolf AL, Tas J.