The voice kids sings in French

Mariah Carey’s Sister Looks and Sings Like the Pop Star — So How Did She Become a Prostitute? 520 million and has a laundry list of awards and achievements to her name — her sister, Alison Carey, who bears a striking resemblance to the celebrity, has lived a far darker life. The 55-year-old mother-of-the voice kids sings in French has struggled with drug addiction for decades, even turning to prostitution. Over the years, she’s pleaded to Mariah through the media for monetary help, stating that she doesn’t have enough money to support her children.

How did the siblings become so estranged? The sisters’ rocky history has been going on for longer than most fans probably realize. Below, a complete rundown of what went wrong. Alison’s struggles began before Mariah became a star. The sisters grew up on Long Island, but when their parents separated in 1973, when Alison was 11 and Mariah was three, Alison went to live with their father and Mariah lived with their mother. In a 1995 TV interview, Alison said she and her sister were raised very differently, which made her “jealous.

My parents made me say, ‘I am an interracial child,’ which is going to alienate you right there,” Alison, who has a black father and a white mother, said in the interview. My mother said, ‘Nothing like that will happen with Mariah. So they moved and Mariah became Italian and Irish. She got married and dropped out of high school a year later and then turned to the streets to help make ends meet. Around this time, she also became addicted to drugs. Nobody wanted to hire me,” she said back in 1995 as to why she turned to prostitution. I didn’t have any experience doing anything.