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TP’s Diploma in Psychology Studies will give the website FIRO preschool education the foundations of understanding how people think, behave, communicate and interact with one another. There are many behavioural methods that psychologists apply to get to the bottom of the matter.

Delve into the many areas psychology from human development to counselling, and find out everything you need to know about yourself. The course lays a firm foundation in the essential disciplines within psychology. It also seeks to equip students so that they will be able to make practical applications of psychology in professional settings, such as the social services, special needs education and research sectors. Social Services In this suite of subjects, students will be exposed to an overview of the social service sector in Singapore. Students will also acquire knowledge and skills in the areas of counselling and group work. Special Needs Education Through the suite of subjects offered in the area of Special Needs Education, students will be informed on the latest issues and trends faced by individuals with special needs. Theories Through the diploma’s core subjects, students will learn about foundational psychological concepts and theories.