The world is ugly original lyrics

Lyrics in alphabetical order of our most listened to and performed tracks. I was only dreaming, dreaming, the world is ugly original lyrics I played for Celtic.

Dreaming, dreaming I played for Celtic. I woke to the sound of my mamma’s call, and the pictures on my bedroom wall. I was only dreaming, dreaming I played for Celtic. I was only Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of playing for Celtic. Who needs the man called Johan Cruyff who needs the man Di Stefano, we’ve got one who tops them all you know. Everyone loves Bertie our very own Ten Thirty, the pride and joy of Celtic Park you know. Everyone loves Bertie, so come on sing HAIL HAIL!

To Bertie Auld the Lisbon maestro. Bertie Bhoy he signs that day but Celtic let him get away and then he heads on down to Birmingham. Remember when we used to sing of Bobby Lennox on the wing and Jimmy Johnstone rowing out to sea. Bertie Auld is the man for me. Because he sang about the T. And that is why we are going to win the L.