To buy a drawing Board marker for children

All you need are some materials and tools like a: PCB board, A bottle of Ferric Chloride, A mini drill, A small container, A bottle of thinner and Some plastic tweezers. Making your own circuit board only takes a to buy a drawing Board marker for children, what you need is 30-45 minutes of time. It is so easy even a 12 year old kid can make one !

Why Use Customized PCBs Instead of Ready Made Project Board? First, because the board will be more compact because your design as well is made to be compact. Second, it’s more convenient to use, since you can decide where to put space on your board. And last, the board will be stronger unlike those ready made project boards are full of holes everywhere, making ready made boards weaker. How Do We Make Them ? Usually you print your circuit design indirectly to your board, you print it on a glossy paper, photo paper or magazine paper. Let me remind you that before you print you should use a laser printer or a photocopying machine, using of inkjet printer will not work.

The video below is not mine! The Peel n Press paper mention can be substituted with a magazine paper or photo paper. Here are the tools and material that you are going to need. If you already have a PCB layout then there’s no problem you can just skip this step and go to the other one, you might as well write your design directly on the board, if you don’t have plans doing the printing method. Before you make your own customizes PCB board you should first design your own PCB layout.