To make salt dough for sculpting with children

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Below you will find many Dough and Clay activities crafts ideas and projects for kids. Clay can be kept in a crock or a galvanized container. The clay should be covered with a damp cloth so that it will remain moist and pliable. Drain the excess water off and stir the liquid clay until it is smooth.

If you do not have a kiln, the dry pieces may be painted and shellaced. If the clay is free of air bubbles and if you have a kiln, the dry clay pieces may be fired and glazed. Mix the flour and salt together in a bowl. Then add oil and water together until the mixture is smooth. Then knead the dough into a ball, as illustrated above. Next separate the clay into a few different balls and then add different color food coloring in each ball and knead the color into each ball.

Then put the clay into a plastic bag and refridgerate for an hour. You can make so many cool things out of clay. Use the above pictures to learn how to make some really col objects and animals. Start off by rolling the clay between the palms of your hands. You will get a ball from this process. You can make things like fruit, owls, birds, nut shells, and tea pots fromt his shape. Then try pinching the clay to get objects such as the baby’s chick’s oval body.

Clay is an amazing material to work with. Young and old people alike can make amazing forms with clay. The above illustrations will show you how to make different objects with a ball of claysuch as pottery, an igloo, and a mushroom, and a cat. Follow the instructions and diagrams above to make some neat forms. Look at the illustrations above to learn how to make a cube from clay.

You basically just take a ball of clay and flatten on all sides by following the instructions above. Now you can make many objects from those cubes. Prepare clay by kneading it and then throwing it hard on the table covering several times to break up any air bubbles. Children will enjoy making animals out of clay. Spread newspapers on table and make animals as directed. When dry, paint with poster paints.

Knead the clay and roll it into large balls. Learn how to mold or sculpt animals such as bunny rabbits, ducks, roosteers, squirrels,a nd snails out of clay by looking at the illustrations above. These clay beads turn out beautifully. Then form small clay balls by rolling the clay back and forth in your palms. Then get a nail and poke a hole in each clay ball. Make sure that when you take the nail out of the clay that the hole doesn’t close back up.

Simple in concept, but an amazing present to make for Mom or Dad. Just roll out that clay as flat as can beshove your hand into the claylet it drythen paint. That is all there is to it. Now your handprint can last forever. To make the ducks, roll a yellow piece of clay into a ball by rotating it back and forth in between your palms. Make a smaller ball too for the face and head.

Press an orange piece of clay into a beak and attach to the duck’s head. Smoosh yellow clay into the back tail feathers. Use a toothpick and carve details into the duck. Turn over the duck’s body and stick the magnet into the bottom of the duck. Shellac picture and allow to dry. While picture is drying, mix salt clay. Make Your Own Yo-Yos with Model Magic – Make these cool yo-yo toys by sculpting them with Crayola’s Model Magic.