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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1487212125. How To Run A Home Daycare. This site is designed to toddler behavior daycare new and experienced child care providers.

How do I start a daycare? It also guides new caregivers through the first year of growing pains, and supports the experienced caregiver with fresh ideas and inspiration. Try This Preschool Teacher’s Proven Strategy! Say it and they might listen, SING IT and watch the magic happen! Even When A Child is at Home Sick or Away on Vacation!

One of the biggest challenges of being a home daycare provider is our fluctuating salary. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to rely on a regular pay check amount every month? Many providers have an enrolment policy that states the parents only pay for the days when their child is in care. Many daycare providers and preschool teachers wonder:  What types of toys are best? Which ones will the children play with again and again? Which ones are sturdy enough to last many years of constant wear and tear?

Which ones will appeal to multiple age ranges of children? When I first opened up my home daycare I had to figure out how to get multiple children to nap well in the same room. This was challenging at first but once I discovered the secret of a Sound Machine it was much easier! Sound machines are also called sleep machines or white noise machines.

Leaf Crowns are a great autumn activity to make with your children. You can spend time talking about colours, sizes and patterns when the kids arrange the leaves on their crowns. My daycare group and I took a walk two weeks ago to collect fallen leaves. Do you have preschoolers in your home daycare this year?