Toys for baby development per month

Give your baby a toy and observe her. You will be amazed at how your little one, who was born only toys for baby development per month few months ago, can play with a toy in so many ways!

You would not even have realized that she could get that creative at that age. And did you know you can begin giving her toys even when she is 3 months old? Check out our recommendation and choose the ones you love. She is getting familiar with sounds, language, and sights. Cognitive development: A three-month-old can recognize you.

She can identify objects, as a part of the brain, which governs hand-eye coordination, develops rapidly. Interacting with her at this age helps in higher IQ development at later ages. Physical development: The baby keeps touching her hands and foot. She can grasp objects in front of her and tries to explore things by tasting them. Her eye muscles work well and can follow moving objects. Social and emotional development: The baby becomes social and engaging. She smiles even at strangers but obviously, prefers having you around.

Note: All the babies are unique and meet milestones at their own pace. Do not worry if your three-month-old is not exhibiting all these developments. You would want to buy your baby some toys based on her development. Soft Teething Keys are well-designed for assisting in the eruption of the middle, front, and back teeth. The teether is made perfect with the multi-surface teething. Little hands can easily grip the teether that helps with coordination. The BPA-free toy offers exercise for the little hands, teeth, and gums.