Train cake designs kids

I normally don’t promote products on the blog, but I’m breaking my rule because I’m so excited about this news: boys and girls, the ORIGINAL Australian Train cake designs kids’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book has been reprinted due to popular demand, and is for sale once more! The one we all knew and loved as we were growing up in the 80s is back in newsagents as of today and will be in Big W stores from March.

The photo below is me, aged 6, with the candy castle cake. I’ve written before about the special place this book holds in my heart. I’ve been lucky over the last few years to have two dear friends of mine, C and J, make me book-inspired birthday cakes. In 2009, C made the bunny cake, another one I’d always wanted as a kid.

In 2010, J made the gorgeous piggy cake, with snakes for Medusa-like hair. And this year, C decided to make the infamous swimming pool cake, with a contemporary spin. She also threw in two bikini-clad dolls, seated close to each other to leave open the possibility of some girl-on-girl hot tub action, and painstakingly constructed a ladder out of bamboo skewers. So which was your favourite birthday cake from the book?