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Vacation Camper and Tent Playsets Now you can hit the road with the Chubby Puppies in their new Vacation Camper Set and Tent Set! You are leaving the Spin Master Web site and will be entering another Web site, which will have different terms of use and privacy policies. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Being angry doesn’t really solve much — but what people do when they feel angry is important. The goal is to calm yourself down and try to solve whatever problem is bothering you. Instead of calming down, some kids might keep getting more and more upset until they explode like a volcano!

Some kids get angry more often or more easily than some other kids. Their anger might be so strong that the feeling gets out of control and causes them to act in ways that are unacceptable and hurtful. People might say kids like this have a temper, which is a term for acting all angry and out of control. When people say that someone has trouble controlling their temper, they usually mean that a kid misbehaves when feeling angry or frustrated. Some kids might get so angry that they scream at their mom or dad, punch the wall, slam doors, break something, or — worse yet — hit a brother or sister.

Kids are allowed to express their feelings, even angry ones, but it’s not OK for a kid to do any of those things. So what do you do if you’re a volcano kind of a kid and your temper is getting you into trouble? Well, the good news is that kids don’t just have to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. You can train your temper the same way you might train a puppy. That’s right, we said a puppy.

If you’ve ever played with puppies, you know they are sweet but a little out of control. Their tails wag furiously and they might tear apart your sneakers or nip at the mailman’s behind. Oh dear, what can you do with your puppy? In the same way, you can train your temper. Imagine your temper as a puppy inside you that needs some training. The puppy is not bad — it will probably turn out to be a great dog.

It just needs to learn some rules because, right now, that puppy is causing some problems for you. You don’t want to keep getting in trouble for the way you act when you’re angry. You probably even feel bad afterward if you’ve hurt someone’s feelings or broken a toy you liked. So let’s get that puppy trained. Karate or wrestling can be good for kids who are trying to get their tempers under control.

But any activity that gets your heart pumping can be good because it’s a way of burning off energy and stress. It feels good to boot that soccer ball or smack that baseball! Talk to your mom or dad. If you’re having trouble with your temper, the time to talk about it is before you have another angry outburst. Tell your parents that you’re trying to do a better job of controlling yourself.