Training plan to OGE with at-risk children

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Garth was the Atlantean hero known as Tempest. He began his heroic career as the original Aqualad, teenaged sidekick to Aquaman. His origin is similar to that of his mentor. Approximately four decades ago, King Thar and his wife Queen Berra, became the reigning monarchs of Shayeris.

King Thar knew of this and assembled an armory of robots and weapons to stop his demented brother. But the Idyllist radicals killed him and banished his pregnant wife Berra back to Atlantis. Before Thar was killed, however, he was able to cast a magical spell that trapped Slizzath in an otherdimensional prison. In Poseidonis, one of the domed cities of Atlantis, Queen Berra gave birth to her baby boy, Garth, who was born with purple eyes. The Atlanteans claimed Garth had been born genetically inferior and sentenced him to death on a seabed leagues away from Atlantis.

As Aqualad, he fought crime and had many adventures above and below the sea with his mentor. When Aquaman assumed the throne of Poseidonis, Garth became a member of the royal court. Garth was one of the founding members of the Teen Titans, and was a member of that team in many of its incarnations although later as a reservist since he began to feel he was of little help out of the water. As a result of his grief and repeated telepathic abuse by Mento, among other factors, Aqualad lost his ability to control marine life. Shortly before Zero Hour, it was Garth who convinced Aquaman to come out of his depression and back into action. The two of them investigated a downed submarine and fought a villain named Charybdis. During the battle, Garth at one point thought he spotted Tula in the distance.