Training program children 5 to 6 years

Please forward this error screen to 67. The mission of the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network is to support the efforts and initiatives of the Bureau of Special Education, and to build the capacity of local educational agencies to serve students who receive special education services. Looking for parent-friendly training program children 5 to 6 years and answers to your questions? Grow professionally and earn continuing education credits with training events, instructor-led courses, and self-paced online courses.

Visit the training page for more. Everything you need to help your students succeed. PaTTAN is a project of the Bureau of Special Education in Pennsylvania. Learn more about Pennsylvania’s Standards Aligned System. There are currently no featured blogs. I truly enjoyed presenting to this necessary audience! Shout out the William Penn High AP team.

From left to right: Lawrence Bopp, Natasha Mathis, and Kijuan Felder. Complete mandated training hours from the comfort of your home. Courses are developed by professionals with extensive experience, and most hold a Masters or Ph. Certificates are immediately generated with the passing of course test. Certificates may be emailed or downloaded directly to your computer and printed out. Certificates contain your name, course title, hours credited, and date.

The classes are wonderful and your customer service is incredible! I find myself now wearing the shoes of an adoptive parent of 9 and still required to meet the training requirements for foster care. I have taken just about every class the planet can offer, and I STILL enjoy the quality, quantity, and profession information and presentation of your Online Training Program. You have saved my sanity on training. I just finished the course on Anger Management. My goal was to do the reading, take the test and be done with it. The lesson had so much more information in it than just about anger management.

I am a believer in your site and will be visiting often and telling all of my friends. I am in the process of adopting a child born to a mother who was both drug and alcohol dependent. I found your site by accident, and not only did I find the credits, but very useful information to help me deal with this wonderful challenge I have been entrusted with. I have read many books, literature and websites but never have I felt someone hit the nail on the head until now. This is exactly what it is like and every word is in layman’s terms and easy to understand and easy to take a medical jargon and make it real and apply to ones life and child.

I feel at times like she must be looking at us through a two way mirror because she has this down to a fine art. I will add that these trainings are not only of incredible value and taught by some wonderful and experienced professionals, but are very convenient to take. No farming out the children and using valuable respite hours to go do a training. No driving, parking, uncomfortable chair to sit in for hours, interruptions and hoping for a little something to come home with. I have printed out each training and saved it in a notebook for future reference. I truly enjoy the courses and find them much more informative than other sites and many reference materials. Besides being written where they are easily understood, I have found them to be very comprehensive.

I have shared articles with psychologists and therapists who also found them to be truly worthwhile and have recommended the site to other patients. Your training is the only approved training our families are allowed to get credit from. I cannot thank you enough for this affordable convenient training. I’ve studied five courses so far and have learned more in the last week than in months of dealing with caseworkers and other DFS personnel. I needed a lifeline and have found a fine one with your service. I have all the credit hours required but I wont stop now! Thank you thank you thank you!

Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders’ course was outstanding. You get such a wealth of knowledge from your courses, we love them. Your classes inform me more than my child’s therapist about how to help him. Vermont Office of the Secretary of State, Lic. I am also a ABC Model Trainer, Social worker, Counselor, teacher for the gifted and formal University Instructor, and I am so pleased and feel rewarded! I am learning skills that no one previously mentioned to me.

Over the past 4 days I’ve completed a total of 30 CEUs from various sites. The content of your courses was the best, and the price was the least! Content was really great as always and the price is awesome. Thanks VERY much for providing excellent, accessible training at a VERY reasonable price!