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The mission of the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network is to support the efforts and initiatives of the Bureau of Special Education, and to build the capacity of local educational training program children account to serve students who receive special education services. Looking for parent-friendly information and answers to your questions? Grow professionally and earn continuing education credits with training events, instructor-led courses, and self-paced online courses. Visit the training page for more.

Everything you need to help your students succeed. PaTTAN is a project of the Bureau of Special Education in Pennsylvania. Learn more about Pennsylvania’s Standards Aligned System. There are currently no featured blogs. I truly enjoyed presenting to this necessary audience! Shout out the William Penn High AP team.

From left to right: Lawrence Bopp, Natasha Mathis, and Kijuan Felder. By completing this course you will become a Poison Prevention Educator for the Minnesota Poison Control System. We hope that after completing this program you will be equipped to teach others about poisonings and what to do in a poisoning emergency. Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Dakota is welcome to complete the course and use the online poison prevention resource center. After completion of all lessons, quizzes, test, and evaluation you will gain full access to the resource center. To access your course outline click here. It takes approximately two hours to complete this course but progress is saved so you do not have to finish it in one sitting.

We appreciate your time and commitment to this program! Current Progress You need to be logged in to see your course progress. 2018 Minnesota Poison Control System Training. Through the use of activities and group discussions, small groups of parents learn to create and take advantage of everyday opportunities to improve their child’s communication skills.

For parents whose child is experiencing a communication difficulty, Hanen’s specialized programs can provide them with the tools they need for helping their child reach his or her fullest communication potential. Hanen has developed programs for parents in three areas: Language Delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Asperger Syndrome. To learn more about the I’m Ready! This program was specifically designed for groups of parents of children under the age of 30 months who are using few words or who, by the age of 24 months, are not using several two-word combinations. These children understand what they are told, have good play and turn-taking skills, and have no trouble learning everyday routines. But when it comes to using words, their vocabulary is limited. If you’re the parent of a child who is a late talker, the Target Word Program can show you ways to naturally create opportunities for your child to use words during everyday routines and activities.