Trains video for kids

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Create a Profile to Add this show to your list! We were unable to process your last request. We Just Published Our First Book! Transportation crafts will always be the craft of choice for children of all ages.

You can make a car or bus from a big box or make a sail boat from a milk carton. Select a large box with a deep coversuch as a shoe box. Remove 2 sides of the cover to make it fit inside the box. Replace cut-down sides with Scotch tape, as in figure 1.

Punch 6 holes in the remodeled cover to hold the ice-cream cones, as in figure 2. Cut 4 wheels from heavy cardboard. Fasten to box with two-pronged paper fasteners. Attach a pipe cleaner handle, as in figure 3. Fashion a piece of cardboard to fit top of cart. To make this Conestoga wagon, you will need a shoe box, 1 piece white construction paper 9″ x 12″, enough blue paper to cover box, one 6″ square heavy cardboard, four 1″ paper fasteners, scissors, paste, crayons,caps to trace, and pencil.