Trees teaching kids

Please forward this error screen to 209. There are a few basic skills and games that you can play to help make learning survival skills easy trees teaching kids fun for your kids. Being aware of your surroundings can quite literally save your life and today’s kids are more interested in the handheld video game or cell phone that never leaves their person.

That means that they can barely get home from school, let alone tell you who or what they pass on the way. Fortunately, you can make it fun while you sharpen their skills. Pick out as many out-of-state tags as possible. This teaches kids to pay attention to details. You can modify it by picking out the most Fords or Chevys or black SUVs. Mix it up however you’d like but make looking for details the name of the game.

Pick out something while you’re driving or at the store, park, etc. Describe it and ask them to figure out what you’re talking about. Have your kids look at an area, a person, a vehicle or an object then close their eyes and tell you everything that they can remember. Whoever remembers the most details wins. If you only have one child, have them give you a set number of details for a small prize or reward. This game teaches your kids how to get home or to another destination.

Have them pick out landmarks that identify the route. Also, have them give you directions to wherever it is that you’re going. Make it fun and offer a reward for getting it right. Do the same thing when you’re camping or hiking by picking out identifying landmarks such as trees or rocks. You never know when something is going to happen and you will be separated from your kids. Maybe one of you won’t be home, or perhaps you just need to exit your house from different directions.

Regardless, have and practice an evacuation plan. Have designated meet-up points and have backup plans as well. This will help keep them level-headed if they’re ever lost or separated from you. Stop the minute that they realize that they’re lost. It’s easy for a kid to panic but if they know that they’re going to be scared, they may be more ready for it.