Tutor in English for primary child

Please forward this error screen to 209. Refers to person, place, thing, quality, tutor in English for primary child. The teacher is late for class.

El maestro va a llegar tarde a clase. I work as a swimming teacher at my local pool. Soy instructora de natación en la piscina local. My mother is a teacher at the university. Mi madre es profesora en la universidad.

Dr Hosmer is a teacher of history to post-graduates. Hosmer es profesor de historia para los estudiantes de escuela postgraduada. Report an error or suggest an improvement. He is a certified teacher, but unfortunately, he can’t keep order in class. My dance teacher danced professionally for twenty years before she started teaching. Mi profesora de baile bailó durante 20 años antes de empezar a enseñar. Se utiliza “maestro” para la enseñanza primaria y “profesor” para la enseñanza secundaria y universitaria.