Types of nursery schools

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You are not looking for a nursery to fast-track your sproglet to Harvard. We know describing a good school in Kensington as a ‘hidden gem’ is an oxymoron, but the Willcocks Nursery is just that. It has a loyal following – a mix of old English families and chic foreigners – but flies under the radar. Yes, you should register at birth and yes, there are waiting lists, but fab head Lavinia Taylor says: ‘We try our best not to disappoint. It’s never too late to call. So many strengths that I really don’t know where to start,’ says a mother. Wouldn’t we all secretly like to be Little Forest Folk?

There’s plenty of time for my daughter to be stuck in a classroom. They’re a bit of a SW London institution, the Marmalade Schools. Outstanding Ofsted-rated nurseries later, sparky principal Miss Rozzy has opened the Owl. Get your child’s name on the waiting list pronto, especially if you’d like them to start before they’re two.

We have been utterly spoilt by the Minors,’ beams one mother. Alma mater of Princes William and Harry, who attended in the Eighties, the nursery is now part of the Alpha Plus stable, so relationships with Notting Hill neighbours Wetherby and Pembridge Hall are tickety-boo. Very British values and principles,’ says a mother, approvingly. This Notting Hill favourite has been educating the children of W11 for 21 years and has now set up home in a pristine three-storey lodge house in leafy Avondale Park. Sophia Russell-Cobb is anything but: she’s racked up over 30 years’ experience at former stomping ground Ladbroke Square.