Typing words games for kids

War Of The Words – A Fun Spaceship Typing Game Defend yourself against incoming aliens! Intended for beginning to intermediate typists. Each alien ship flies dangerously towards your own, with letters and words typing words games for kids on them. Type the phrases correctly and you will shoot and destroy each alien.

You can keep track of your score and level up if you can successfully fight off each wave! The game increases in speed and complexity as you clear the airspace of bad guys. Typer Island is an exciting place for kids to learn to type. Follow the route to the Castle, traveling in five unique lands. You’ll experience exciting typing challenges, learn new keys, build speed and accuracy, and play fun, multi-level games.

Inside the Castle, you’ll find more engaging activities and games to help you refine your keyboarding skills. No other typing program is this fun or challenging! Explore the Lands of Typer Island! Kids visit The Old West, On the Water, In the Air, Over the Edge, and Under the Sea. In each land they take a series of lessons, challenges, and a skill test—plus games! Type words fast to turn the top of each pillar a new color-before Ziggy get’s zapped by the bad guys.

Try to win all 4 levels! Type the words quickly to make them disappear before the birds drag them away! Advance to play inside Bill’s Soda Shop. Interactive Exercises, Age-Appropriate Content, Graphic Guide Hands, and Multi-Skill Levels. Play Fun, Multi-Level Typing Games Enjoy practicing your typing skills playing Typing With Sharks.

Master challenging keys and escape danger playing in the deep waters. Rewards Motivate Kids to Practice Typing Kids collect rewards every step of the way as they visit distinct lands for lessons, challenges, tests, and games. They search for treasures, earn points, and add gold and jewels to their treasure box, on a journey to reach the Castle and become the Ruler of Typer Island. When they reach the Castle, there are more surprises. Accuracy Percentages for all lessons, challenges, tests, and games. Kids can select a design and print a certificate of achievement to show they have successfully conquered the Castle and rule Typer Island! Awards and quotes may refer to previous Typing Instructor programs.

This version of Typing Instructor for Kids was created using the same methods and technologies. 1 best-selling typing program specifically designed for kids. My students can’t wait to get to the typing lab and practice keyboarding. Your program makes learning to type so much fun—and their parents are thrilled. They know how important it is for their kids to learn touch-typing at an early age. Our old typing program was boring and the kids were unmotivated. Now they can’t wait to get to Typer Island!

We have seen a dramatic improvement in the touch-typing skills of our students. Typing Instructor for Kids is fantastic! Typing Instructor is a trademark of Individual Software Inc. Skills: Typing Speed, Keyboarding Accuracy, WPM Test. Check your speed and accuracy after you type 3 sentences in one of our popular typing games. Being able to type is becoming more and more important to students. Speed typing and accuracy can be build when immediate feedback is given.

This is a very amusing and addictive typing game. It starts easy – just type correctly the letters J and F. If you type accurately long enough, you can advance to higher levels and unlock new letters which are worth more. To make it fun and challenging, you can buy animals to help you, every animal has its unique powers and abilities. What can be better than making your own beautiful town, by typing words? Every word you type another structure will be added to your town. Starts with simple houses, and continues with trees, cars and more surprises!

When you’re finished – click the “show off” button and present your town to your friends. Get ready for a majestic underwater experience! Type words to add life to the ocean. You begin with adding water plants, then you can add fish, shells, corals, floating islands, and even whales, dolphins and sharks! Can you help the little wizards save your city from the zombies invasion?