Uk teenager

It seemed a rare act of kindness, help for a bloodied attack uk teenager. It looked like a rare act of kindness in the midst of mindless violence. Dazed and bleeding, a young man sitting on the ground had been beaten senseless during a violent street attack in Hackney.

Good Samaritan’ gently helps the vulnerable and frightened young man to his feet. But within seconds looters decided this was a target too good to ignore. Do you know these looting suspects? He unzips it, searching for something to steal, and within seconds the heartless thief is joined by a handful of other thugs swarming around the man’s rucksack. Even the apparently kind-hearted individual who initially helps the man unsteadily to his feet appears to burrow into the bag. It is only then, too late, that the young man realises what is going on behind his back.

Until then he had continued attending to the blood still dripping from his head and mouth. He weakly swats a hand at one of the robbers, but it has little effect. For the first thug, dressed in a baseball cap, windcheater and blue jeans, pulls something out of the rucksack, contemptuously discards the plastic wrapping and then struts off with his loot. Are they actually  helping him up? Are they going through his bag? He just took something from his bag. Scum steal from injured boy’, was posted by Abdul Hamid.

I hope these scumbags are caught. I can’t stop watching this, it makes me so angry it’s unbelievable. It’s time to man up, Harry! The comments below have not been moderated.