Video lessons for children 2 years

Many parents video lessons for children 2 years their divorce will negatively effect their children. However, one psychologist says divorce can have a positive impact on kids. Your parents, a best friend, perhaps even yourself—most Canadians have had some experience with divorce.

In 2008, Statistics Canada estimated that 41 percent of Canadian marriages would end in divorce before their 30th wedding anniversaries. Despite this forecast, the actual number of divorces in Canada declined between 2007 and 2008—the most recent years studied by Statistics Canada—but the heartbreak that accompanies a divorce is still very real for many Canadian children. Thankfully, not all kids grow up to carry scars from their parents’ split. Here are five positive life lessons children can learn following a divorce. For Gabrielle Domingues, a Toronto media specialist and married mother of two, her parents’ divorce taught her how to roll with life’s changes.