Wallet craft for preschool

Create an easy dollar bill wallet to hold a cash gift or gift card. All you need to make this fun gift wrap is 2 one dollar bills and a few folds. Wallet craft for preschool the dollar bill face down and with the words right side up so you can read them. Fold the left edge of the dollar bill until it exactly matches the top edge of the bill.

Fold the right edge down to the bottom of the bill until the edges exactly match. Make sure the edges are even. Fold the right side up so the left side and the right side have their points headed in the same direction as shown. Make sure both edges are perpendicular and that the tips of the points are about the same length. Fold another dollar bill exactly the same way.

Stick one tip of the bottom bill inside the open edge of the matching tipĀ  of the top bill. Stick the other tip of the top bill into the open edge of the matching tip of the bottom bill. The back of the dollar bill wallet is where the folded bills make an X. The front side of the wallet is where the diagonal line is. From the front side of the wallet, slide the bills apart far enough to stick a message, folded money, or a gift card inside. If you add folded money, fold it into thirds and crease the folds sharply. 4 inch wide band out of decorative paper and placed it over the ends of the wallet.