Web elearning

This app will convert your smart-phone or tablet into a useful instrument which can teach you or your kid how to write Hindi and Web elearning letters. LMS customisation is usually a very challenging task, however in this website we integrated the LMS with the frontend making it extremely user friendly. With the advent of hi-speed internet, we are connected to each other as never before.

This connection is getting ever more stronger with the evolution of smart mobile phones and the millions of mobile applications that have changed peoples existence, in the way we live and work. At Blueapple, our experienced mobile application development teams work on applications ranging from games, productivity tools, to enterprise class CRM applications across platforms like Blackberry, Android, iOS, and Windows. Our Elearning solutions empower you to manage the entire life cycle of your training needs whether it’s deferred learning or a live class room environment. The digital age has transformed marketing. Today, marketers can measure behavior and make more informed decisions more accurately based on data about the consumers they market to and the channels they use. Our Software development services processes help you structure, plan and control the process of developing IT systems for your business, delivering a bigger bang for your buck.

Over the period of last 10 years, we have created solution for verticals including Hospitality, Telecommunication, HR, Elearning, Non-Profit Organizations etc. Our endeavour is always to strike the perfect chords, We partner with our customers, understand their needs, and provide the best bespoke IT solutions tailored to the need of our clients. Our team of trained and experienced IT professionals in India, work with you to develop customized solutions that enhance organizational processes and extend the power to harness the Web for your Business. Development It is fairly evident by now that mobile is the new future. We provide a full range of services needed to direct and deliver a successful solution, including strategic direction, business analysis, management, application development and systems integration. For us, it’s more than just writing code. We place a high premium on understanding your goals, and work with you to deliver solutions that paves an efficient means to reach them.

To see some examples of our work, take a look at our portfolio. They bent over backwards to exceed our expectations. I plan to use their services again in the near future and to recommend them to others. What a stellar group, these web development professionals took a mess of our PHP and made it shine. I cannot recommend them more highly. If you want professional results, fast – choose them!

Their web design team is dedicated and professional and the quality of work is very high. This was excellent value-for-money and the work was delivered on time. It has been a pleasure knowing you and working with you on our web initiatives. I hope that we have many more opportunities to cross paths in the future. The e-Learning 2018 conference aims to address the main issues of concern within e-Learning. This conference covers both technical as well as the non-technical aspects of e-Learning.