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Flag of United States of America. My father, so rarely, let me see any of his world. Werner von Strucker is the son of HYDRA’s former leader Wolfgang von Strucker. A few months after his father’s death, he was persuaded by Grant Ward to join HYDRA and help him rebuild the organization. Months later, von Strucker has been coping with his enhanced powers to recall specific memories, after being affected by a combination of Lincoln Campbell’s electricity, and the effects of the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine. Braun needs to see the world for what it really is.

The son of  HYDRA’s leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, Werner von Strucker was raised away from his father’s work and he felt resentment towards him, often going to Gideon Malick for support instead. Von Strucker lived a life of luxury, using his father’s money to purchase large boats and host parties with beautiful women. It’s been a good run kid, now let’s just get to the end. No one treats me like that and lives. Do you even know who I am? While hosting another party, von Strucker’s boat suddenly became infested with rats which poured onto deck.

While the women ran away in fear, Grant Ward appeared and began attacking von Strucker’s security team. Despite their best efforts, the guards could not defeat the highly trained HYDRA agent and before long almost every guard was unconscious. Ward brought von Strucker to a secret warehouse where he began to berate the young millionaire over never having earned a single thing in his life, instead wasting all of his father’s money on parties and expensive items like boats. Kebo began to mercilessly beat von Strucker, mocking him for his cowardliness.

However, von Strucker pretended to crawl away from Kebo out of fear, but instead grabbed a blade and stabbed his torturer in the leg before grabbing a solid item and hitting him repeatedly. My father would have had you shot. Your father kept you in the dark then died a meaningless death, leaving you a HYDRA face with no answers. Grant Ward and von Strucker then explored the HYDRA base where they discussed their family histories, with von Strucker noting that he should have Ward killed for what he had done to him, as his father would have done.

You know why most people take Psych, right? They’re trying to figure out families. You got me there, you wouldn’t believe how messed up mine is. For his first mission working for the new HYDRA, von Strucker was instructed to enroll at Culver University to study Psychology 101. You know you’re a tough guy to track down.

Working under the order of Grant Ward, whose base of operations was under attack by Lance Hunter and Melinda May, von Strucker was ordered to corner Andrew Garner in a store. When Ward did not order him to stand down due to Hunter firing upon him and causing him to escape, von Strucker’s orders remained to kill Garner. However, one of the shoppers was revealed to be an undercover S. Agent who defended Garner but was soon shot and killed. In the resulting struggle, all of von Strucker’s guards were killed by Lash and he barely managed to make it outside, despite being punched in the face by Lash as his first offense.