What are preschoolers like

Looking for the Best Outside Activities For Preschoolers And Toddlers? Here is what are preschoolers like list of outside activities for preschoolers and toddlers, recommended for ages 3-6.

As always we suggest that all games be supervised by an adult. Many of these activities for preschoolers we have played together with our children. We hope you enjoy them as much as our family has! Stop And Go: Outside Activities for preschoolers should not only be fun, but also help to develop physical and mental discipline. This is an activity we have adopted from our martial arts teacher.

We have all had our heart stop when our child has run toward a busy street. This is a wonderful and fun way to show the importance of listening to appropriate commands. Backyard Mazes: My kids love this! Set up an obstacle course in your back yard with some lawn chairs, kids’ toys or buckets.

Anything in the back yard can work for building the maze. After you have laid out the course, allot a time the child must finish it in, or time each child to see who is the quickest. For the older ones, make them carry an egg or a cup of water through the maze. Also quite humorous if the parents get involved! Cardboard Mazes: Start saving your used boxes and cardboard, and they can keep your children busy for hours! Help by cutting open different sides of the boxes and joining them together to make tunnels. You can cut holes for windows or doors and even have them paint their creation.

Provides hours of very inexpensive and creative outside activities for preschoolers. Jumping Rope: Tie an old cushion or sock filled with dried beans to the end of a long string. Swing the rope around close to the ground, and have the children jump over the rope. If they are hit, they must sit down, and the last one standing is the winner!

Sack Races: First, make a start and finish line. If you have access to burlap bags great, if not, small garbage bags will work. Make sure they are supervised-the children should not be allowed to use them for any other purpose! Have them put both feet into bag, while holding onto the sides. The object is to see who can hop the quickest to the finish line. This outside activity for preschoolers is great for a birthday party or picnic!

Bean Bag Toss: Start by using a hula-hoop or a large bucket and place them a reasonable distance apart. If you do not have any bean bags, you can make them easily with some old socks. Take the sock and fill will some dried beans and tie off the ends. Make at least three to four bags. Have one child at a time throw each bag and try to place in bucket or hoop. The one who gets the most in wins. Game can be played individually or divide into teams.