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Every employee has the opportunity to enhance their skills in a dynamic, supportive what are the benefits of modeling to children. Plus, the rich heritage and stimulating culture of Saudi Arabia make Saudi Aramco a genuinely exciting place to develop your career.

Permanent Employment on an Indefinite Term Employment Agreement. This is a broad-based annual and performance based incentive plan. However, your actual bonus will be calculated based on company and individual performance, base salary, and length of service during the plan year. The objective of this plan is to drive organizational performance, as well as, recognize and reward your contributions beyond the normal annual merit increases. Annual repatriation travel allowance: This is an annual cash payment that more than covers airfare costs to your home country. You have full flexibility to use this payment in any way you choose.

Annual vacation: You can look forward to up to 38 calendar days of paid leave each year. In addition, you’ll typically be granted between 9 and 11 days of national public holidays each year. Severance award: In accordance with the Saudi labor law, a severance award is payable by the company to employees who leave after 2 years or more of satisfactory service. The severance award is based on length of continuous service and final base pay.

The severance award can be a substantial benefit for longer service employees. Education Assistance Plan: If you are hired on family status, you may be eligible to benefit from the company’s excellent education assistance plan for dependent children. This may include the option for them to attend Saudi Aramco’s high quality private schools or to attend international schools in the local community. Full details will be provided in due course. Quality housing in company communities or a rental assistance allowance: Saudi Aramco has four communities in the Eastern Province where the company provides quality accommodations in pleasant surroundings. Alternatively, employees may obtain housing in the local communities outside of the Saudi Aramco communities. To cover rental costs, Saudi Aramco provides a rental assistance allowance.

Free medical care: Saudi Aramco provides medical care via our Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare subsidiary medical network or contracted hospitals and clinics. These facilities are among the finest in the Middle East. An experienced staff of physicians and medical specialists is available to ensure your medical needs are met while in Saudi Arabia. Free access to recreational facilities: You will have access to Saudi Aramco’s extensive range of recreational facilities to include: private beaches, tennis courts, exercise gyms, swimming pools, golf courses, tennis and squash courts and much more.