What can a baby 5 months development

How many weeks pregnant are you? Your baby at 4 months What can you expect your baby to be doing at four months old? Your baby at four what can a baby 5 months development old At four months old your baby’s development will be speeding up.

Along with improved senses, they will likely be going through the early stages of speech development and may even have the early signs of their first teeth. Most of the objects they touch, whatever their texture, will go straight in their mouth. Why did you do that, Mum? If you can see any squint, contact your health visitor as it’s important to get checked out. Although they can see colour from birth, your baby will now be much better at distinguishing between different shades, being able to more accurately work out the difference between similar shades. This can be a great time to introduce more colourful toys and books which they’ll love looking at. Your baby’s motor skills at four months old Speech development If you listen carefully to your baby’s babble you may be able to make out vowel and consonant sounds: p and b sounds when they’re unhappy and guttural sounds like j and k when they’re happy.

They may also be able to imitate the sounds you make now, so if you say boo, they may try to say it back. Rolling on Rolling over is more likely now. So it may happen this month. You can’t force it but you can gently encourage it by putting a favourite toy by their side and see if they roll over to get it. You may also notice that whilst laying on their front, they’re able to arch their back. This is a good exercise that can help them develop their neck muscles further and is a good way for them to start developing the muscles they’ll need to sit up and eventually crawl, stand and walk. Other 4 month old baby developments First teeth Your baby can get their first teeth any time from three months to one year old, but they may start gnawing their fist and frantically rubbing their gums about now in preparation for the trials and tribulations to come.

1 teethers on Bounty’s Boutique including the classic Sophie la Giraffe teether. Feeding less In the first few months you’ll have been feeding more regularly than they are by month four. This is because your baby’s stomach is now bigger than before, meaning they can take on more milk during each sitting. Weaning is an exciting and fun development stage which should start when your baby is around 6 months old. At 4 months it’s a good time to start preparing for this development and thinking about the best weaning techniques for you and your baby. Your baby is more playful now, so encourage them to explore and play with a variety of objects. A clean muslin square will occupy your baby for a few minutes.

Watch them suck on it, hold it, and discover what happens when they scrunch it up. It can be a good moment to introduce toys that play music or that can be played, such as a baby Xylophone or a drum. Game of the month Create your own musical instrument by putting objects such as dried pasta, rice or beans in a small plastic bottle, sealing the lid tightly so it doesn’t come off when they shake it. Create a whole orchestra by filling different containers with different-sized objects so they make a different sound.

Read more about baby development anxiety here and our at-a-glance milestones guide here. The next milestone: When will my baby crawl? Toddler and Baby Development Stages The Toddler and Baby Development Stages section gives information on the usual age developmental milestones are reached in the first five years of life. A baby develops from a helpless being at birth and over the first five years he will gain independence in mobility, speech and language and he will develop his own personality. Although every child is different, there is a pattern of developmental progress that they all will follow within a fairly narrow time frame. If you have a specific question on infant and toddler development, you can click on the link in the list below to go directly there, otherwise read on for an overview. What are the 4 stages of development?

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