What is responsible parenting

There’s a bunch of reasons why I weigh what I do what is responsible parenting, and those reasons aren’t as relevant as the fact that I am about 40-45 lbs overweight and most of that weight is in my central region. I’m kind of sick of all the comments about “my pregnancy”.

Usually its innocuous comments, like the person on the street who stops me and blesses “me and my baby”. Or the person who asks me when I’m due. I know the people asking me aren’t being malicious, at the same time, I do find the comments annoying. Basically, it comes down to this. Partly due to a mostly healed diastasis recti left from giving birth, and part simply from fat situated on my belly. I feel really good in those types of outfits and get lots of compliments on them. The problem though is that summer is nearly here, and it is too warm for me to be wearing cardigans, even lighter cardigans, on a day to day basis.

And all my summer clothes fall under the aformentioned categories of too tight-must be showing off my belly, or too loose-must be maternity clothes. I took to the internet to ask style advice from fashion forums, what is the best style of summer clothing that minimizes attention to the belly area, that won’t make me look pregnant, and won’t be too hot. I got suggestions to go especially with long shirts, so they won’t stop directly at my belly, which therefore calls attention to the area. People suggested T-shirt dresses, peplum tops, wrap shirts and dresses, and loose drapey tops.

Dave Ramsey talks about many stages of smart money management. It starts with building up an emergency fund, paying off debt, and then building up 3-6 months of living expenses as savings, and then investing. Unfortunately we’re not at the investing stage yet, but for those that are, here’s a guide from a reader about how to do diversified investing. With the health of the economy in question, more and more consumers are seeking out different alternatives to supplement their income. Some individuals have even looked to the stock market, whereas others have took on part-time jobs. Neither option is a bad one, but with the right investment strategy and know how you can make a bundle of money with half the work. What Is Diversified Investing And How Does It Work?